An Online Catalogue of English Grammar Exercises

Try any exercise you feel you can do. The answers are at the bottom of each exercise. Most important - send an email for any exercise you need, and will put it on the net for you.

Tenses & Time
  • An Advanced Exercise
  • Past Simple or Past Perfect?
  • Correct the Errors - Beginners
  • Present Simple and Present Continuous
  • Have Just + Past Participle
  • Present Continuous (or Progressive) to talk about arrangements you have made
  • Have Something Done - Practice
  • Habits: Talking about Habits in the Past
  • Something for Nothing 1 - A Story
  • If and Unless - 'will' (First Conditional) or Present Condition?
  • Present Perfect or Simple Past
  • Present Perfect Continuous/Progressive: Practice!
  • Something for Nothing 1 - A Story
  • Past Simple - Meaning
  • Story: The Snake, the Mice and the Plane - the Present Perfect
  • Past Simple - Passive
  • Past Passive Interactive - Passive
  • Contrasts: Present Simple, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect Simple and Perfect Continuous!!! - Difficult!
  • Will and Won't and Going to: Which do you choose?
  • Present Continuous - Two Uses

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